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Are you a helper or healer, a coach or a wellness provider with a message to share and a story to tell?

You have the power to help, encourage and inspire people for generations to come, while leaving your footprint on the world.

Writing your book will make you the undisputed authority in your niche and draw the right clients to you, so you can design your ideal practice.

But what if don’t consider yourself a writer, don’t have much time, or feel totally overwhelmed and confused?

“Write to Heal” to the rescue!

In this book you’ll discover how to:

  1. Gain credibility by becoming the proven authority in your niche
  2. Pick the perfect topic so you attract your ideal readers
  3. Structure your book so writing is as easy as filling in the blanks
  4. Shave months or years off your time in writing and publishing your book
  5. Self-publish professionally to compete with the big publishers
  6. Position your book to build a thriving practice or business
  7. Tap into 33 golden opportunities from your wellness book

Writing a wellness book is proven to be the single most important thing you can do to establish your authority and leave a legacy.

This is a step-by-step guide – a blueprint, really – for how to get it done. This book would have saved me months, perhaps years, when publishing my first book. My advice: for anyone nursing that dream of publishing their health-and-wellness book, this is the definitive handbook! – Dr. Russell Faust

“This book takes away all the feelings of fear and anxiety of writing a book, and replaces them with “I can do it!” –Deb Thomas, Holistic Nutritionist

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