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Write Like You Speak? How to Avoid Bad Ideas for Writing Your Book

Avoid these mistakes when you write your wellness book


I read a lot of books on Amazon about book writing and publishing. I’m always curious to see what people are saying about the field I love, and have been immersed in for over 25 years.

A recent book I read claimed to show you how to write a bestseller. It has a chapter called “Write how you speak.” I’ve seen this advice frequently, although never expressed so poorly.

Curious to see what kind of bestsellers this author had under his belt, I plugged his name into the Amazon search bar. Strangely, not a single book appeared, nor did he have an author page. Even more curious, I Googled his name but couldn’t find a website or a single social media site with his name, let alone a book listed anywhere.

So how does he come to be advising you on how to write a book – and even better, a bestseller?

Today, anyone can write a book and publish it overnight. It’s no wonder there’s so much bad advice circulating about writing and publishing.

At one point, I was inundated with offers of courses on how to make money on Amazon. The concept is to hire the cheapest ghostwriters you can find, churn out several books a month under made-up names, and slap them up on all the digital platforms.

As the publisher, within no time, you’d start producing a steady income of… a couple of pennies per book, adding up to…hundreds of dollar per month (if you’re lucky).

But there are still good, informative books out there, so let’s look at this poplar piece of advice and see if it’s worth following.

Should you “write like you speak”?

The first thing that bothered me is the blatant poor grammar. If he’d said, “Write the way you speak”, I would have considered that. At least he would have paid a small amount of attention to grammar.

But should you write the way you speak?

A better way to phrase it would be to write conversationally. This is a wonderful way to write for the general public.

I say this because I help health and wellness professionals write their books. Sometimes they write academically or scientifically, using language they would use with their colleagues.

It’s always more engaging when you write clearly and conversationally, using language that your readers can relate to. And that’s your goal with a consumer book, isn’t it?

After all, if your readers don’t understand you, you haven’t fulfilled the purpose of your book.

Does grammar matter anymore?

With texting as the favored communication method, I sometimes find myself writing “u” instead of “you” in a quick text. Hey, it saves time!

There’s nothing wrong with language changing and evolving as new technology and ways of life offer different opportunities.

But books are still books, and I think that basic grammar still matters. This is especially important when you are a professional who is writing to help people.

If you’re a wellness professional and your book is riddled with grammatical errors, you lose credibility. If you’re spending time and energy writing a book, you should make sure your book is well-written.

What if you’re not a writer, but you have important information to convey?

That’s where editing comes in.

You may be a health professional with a wealth of knowledge. But it doesn’t mean you know how to express your years of expertise in a way that’s succinct and compelling.Red pen

Writers take years to develop their craft, and good editors do as well. If you want your book to be read by anyone other than family and friends, you need to have it edited.

Major publishers have several rounds of editing before a book goes out to the world. I’ve written 27 books for three major publishers, including Oxford University Press, and I learned the different stages of editing a book. It’s not the first draft that gets published!

But many of these book-churning authors on Amazon skip the editing stages entirely. That’s why there are so many irate reviews on Amazon, saying “this book is so poorly edited, I could hardly read it.”

That’s exactly the point – it wasn’t edited at all.

Build authority with a well-edited book

You don’t want to put that kind of book into the world. If you’re a wellness professional you want to write valuable content that will change people’s lives.

And to build enough authority and credibility so that people will believe you, you have to write professionally, and still connect with your reader. You’ll need editing to do that effectively.

Every book a publisher puts out is edited, including all the biggest named authors.

Don’t you deserve a high quality book that is well written, without grammatical errors?

Yes, write the way you speak. Then get an editor!

To get more help with writing and editing your book, get my free road map below. Then contact me for a free consultation on your health and wellness book!

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