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The Wedding Planner and the Wellness Author: A Tale of Time

What if you could write a book in less time than it takes the average bride to plan a wedding?

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The Wedding Planner and the Wellness Author: A Tale of Time

As I turned on my car radio recently, I was intrigued to hear about a study by the wedding industry. They found that the average woman invests 100 hours a month planning her wedding, for several months.

And yes, it was mainly women who spent this time planning the event. The men who participated were far less involved in the details.

Just think: 100 hours a month equals about 25 hours a week. That’s almost a full time job, considering that Americans work an average of 34.4 hours a week.

Now a wedding is obviously an important life event, and it’s a personal choice how much time anyone devotes to planning their big day.

But after all that planning, the event is over in a few hours, and you are left with the photos and memories, and a stack of bills.

100 Hours a Month to Write a Wellness Book…or Just One?

Now think about what else you could accomplish in 100 hours a month.

You could write a wellness book – actually in far less time.

Here’s how.

Most people can easily write 750 words in less than an hour. You could write a blog post, or a long Facebook message to a friend in that time. (This would be the first draft, without going back to edit for grammar, language and punctuation.)

So if you could write 750 words, 5 days a week, you would have 3750 words a week.

In just 6 weeks, you would have 22,500 words – the first draft of a very nice sized book of over 100 pages.

Now let’s say you could write for 1– 1.5 hours a day, 5 days a week.

You could write 1000 words a day in that time, which comes to 5,000 words a week.

In just 6 weeks, you would have 30,000 words, or a book of 150 pages. In 8 weeks, you’d have 40,000 words, or 200 pages – a full sized book!

A book with your name on it

Your book would make you the authority in your niche, help people worldwide… and leave your legacy long after you’re gone, possibly helping generations of people in the future.

Imagine that!

You could write a whole book in 1/5 of the time the average bride spends on her wedding.

Now what if you could write your whole book in just ONE hour (or fewer that 5)?

Write your book in just one hour – or 2 or 3

Yes, that’s possible if you dictate your book, have it transcribed, and then get professional editing.

It’s a wonderful option if you simply don’t have even one hour a day to devote to your book….or you don’t enjoy writing.

I’ve helped many clients write a short book in just one hour, with the author-in-an-hour system.

For super-busy wellness professionals, or non-writers, this is an ideal way to have a book with your name on it, without devoting the oceans of time it takes to plan a wedding, or even to write a book.

You don’t have to write the definitive masterpiece on the subject. You just have to add something valuable to the conversation.

All you do is organize your ideas (with my help), and then talk about a subject you already know very well, and have a passion for. Then you share it with an audience that is hungry for the solution you provide. What could be more straight-forward?

To find out more, click here: Author in an hour

I can also guide you to do all this on your own.

If you’d like to discuss different options for writing your book, you can start with my free roadmap: 7 Steps to Write Your Wellness Book.

Contact me with the answers to the questions at the end, and we’ll set up a phone call to find the best solution for you.

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