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The Surgeon and the Author: Behind the Wellness Publishing Podcast

The Surgeon and the Author: Behind the Wellness Publishing Podcast

It begins with an old joke.

A surgeon and an author meet at a cocktail party, and start a conversation about what they each do. The doctor says, “I’m a surgeon, and when I retire I plan to write a book.” The author counters, “I’m an author, and when I retire I plan to do brain surgery.”

That was just a small part of the lively podcast, where Dr. Russell Faust interviewed me on how and why to write a health and wellness book.

In truth, I felt like Russ’ experience lent as much credibility and wisdom about book writing as my own experience in writing 40 books. So now I’ve turned the tables, and focused on what Russ has to say about writing a book.

After all, he said that writing his book changed his life.

Being an author increases your exposure exponentially

“Publishing your book increases your exposure exponentially. Immediately! My first book resulted in frequent requests from around the world to visit, lecture and teach workshops.”

Dr. Russel Faust now makes a living as a professional speaker and paid consultant to hospitals and health systems

… and of course he’s the co-founder of the new (and soon to be blockbuster) Russ and Randy show, to help healthcare professionals with Internet marketing, brand strategy, online reputation and SEO.russ_and_randy_podcast

So although Russ first asked me why a doctor or any kind of health practitioner would undertake the intimidating, daunting task of writing a book, he answered the question himself by describing the benefits he experienced.

The interview was published on October 27, called:
How to become a leading expert: Publish your book to enhance your authority


Brand strategy and reputation

What does writing a book have to do with brand strategy and reputation? How can it help build your health practice?

It turns out: everything!

As Russ says, “As soon as I published my first book I was widely recognized as the expert in that field. Your book is part of your personal and professional brand. That was the start of my own speaking and consulting career.”

Design the practice you want

What other benefits do healthcare providers experience by writing a book?

Russ says, “By writing a book you can design the sort of practice you want. You can tailor your practice by demonstrating authority and expertise so that you attract the patients you want.”

That all sounds great, but then Russ posed the big question lurking in everyone’s mind.

What if you hate to write, or have no time?

Russ asked me, “In my experience the vast majority of physicians hate to write, and even those who enjoy writing as I do just don’t have the time. Yet we still want the benefits. What options do we have if you don’t have time or hate to write?”

You basically have two options. You can hire a ghostwriter to write your book for you, and this is the path many health professionals take. The challenge is finding a top-rate, professional ghostwriter. Trust me: you don’t want to have a cheap ghost writing your book. That can ruin your professional reputation.

However, a professional ghostwriter’s fees range from $25,000 -$75,000 for a full length book.

The other problem is that you have to manage the ghostwriter, make sure he or she has all the information they need, and can explain it in your voice. It can still involve a lot of work on your part, and you have no guarantee that you’ll be happy with the outcome.

Write your own book – with guidance

A better option is to write your own book, with guidance. Only you can impart your years of experience and knowledge the way you want it expressed. Only you can help people by drawing on the wisdom you’ve gained over the years of helping your patients.

Tackling the daunting task of writing

So now we come back to how to tackle the mountainous task of actually writing your book.

It begins with finding the right focus for your book, and creating an outline. Then you have the option of speaking your book if you don’t enjoy writing, or don’t have time. This speeds up your book exponentially.

You don’t have to do this alone!

The good news is that I’m offering a FREE, online 5-day bootcamp from Nov. 14-18, 2016.


Each webinar will be about 1 hour, with time for questions and answers, and if you can’t attend you’ll get the replay.

In these 5 webinars I will walk you through every step of writing your book, including: the focus, the design, the structure, the writing, and the opportunities.

You’ll be in a community of health providers who want to write a book, and you’ll see how much easier it is than you ever thought possible.

Writing your book may be the most important thing you do for your practice, and for yourself in 2016.

As Russ says,

“I don’t think we can express enough the benefits of being a recognized authority.”

To find out more about the bootcamp, and everything we’ve discussed here, listen to the podcast on iTunes here: How to Become a Leading Expert

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