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The Secret to Writing 40 Books (or Just One)

#1 New Year's Resolution You Need to Write Your Wellness Book

Secret to Writing 40 Books (or just One)

It was January 2012, the time I began to dutifully drag myself to an overcrowded gym and line up for the treadmill. Along with everyone else, I’d resolved to “exercise more” in the new year.

I’d been working out at home for many years and it kept me in shape. But that year I decided to join a gym to increase my fitness. The problem was that I actually hated the boredom of the exercise machines, and I didn’t have a trainer to help keep me motivated.

By February it was over. The gym was nearly abandoned. Only the dedicated few remained, and I dropped out soon afterwards.

However, a year ago everything changed. I found a new trainer who pushes me harder and motivates me. I now work out more intensely than before, and get much better results.

In fact, the strange thing was that my trainer, at Markito Fitness, lived just 8 minutes from my house, yet I discovered him on YouTube through his videos.

Finding the right resources for me was the catalyst for reaching new fitness and health goals in the past year. But that’s another story.

What does this mean for you and your book?

This is about you, and your desire to write a book. The New Year is the time to make your resolutions for the year, and if you’ve wanted to write a book for some time, you may have included “Write my book in 2017” as one of your resolutions.

Good for you. Statistics show that up to 80% of all people in the United States say they want to write a book….someday. Sadly, only a tiny fraction of them actually get their book written and published.

The right catalyst of timing, resources and motivation – plus my secret….

You need the right catalyst of timing, resources, and motivation. Check out my blog, What’s Your Why for Writing a Wellness Book in 2017?

Once you know your deep motivation, it’s like setting an intention, and that often leads to finding the right solutions – in fact, they might be right under your nose, just as my ideal training solution was for me.

Yours could be your reading this article and taking action right now (for the free bootcamp – below).

So, we’ve discussed timing, resources, and motivation.

….But there’s something missing that not many people talk about, and it’s been the way I’ve managed to write 40 books in about 25 years.

You could call it motivation – or very strong sense of purpose and drive.

I wrote 27 books for 3 major publishers, and many more self-published. That averages 3 books a year (actually many more, because I’m not including training manuals that went with each book, and were books in themselves.).

And in writing 40 books, I never missed a deadline. And no, I also wasn’t writing full time. My two children were very young when I started, and I was teaching at the college level full time.

The secret? It’s the deadlines….duh!


You see, when you work with a publisher, you always have a pub date. They don’t just put out a book any old time. They want to publish your book in the timeframe that’s optimal for sales.

I’m sure there are many authors who don’t meet their deadlines, but I took pride in meeting mine. It was part of my professionalism, and one of the reasons the publishers kept asking for more books.

It was also the way I built several businesses that stemmed from my books, including speaking and training contracts.

Setting self-publishing deadlines

Once I began publishing my own books, I no longer had a publisher setting pub due date. I knew that without a firm deadline, I would never finish any book, so I created my pub dates.

On a few occasions, the deadline was for a speaking engagement. Getting a book finished by that date was an absolute necessity in my mind. I wanted to have a book ready to sell at that event.

If there was no event, I would target a conference that I planned to attend, or even a local networking event that I knew was coming up on a certain date.

Once, it was even an event that a client was giving, and she kindly agreed to talk about my book.

Without a firm deadline, you’re unlikely to finish your book

The point is, without a compelling deadline, you’re unlikely to finish your book. Why? Because life gets in the way. Family, work, and other obligations all take precedence, and you push your book to the back burner.

Don’t be one of the 80% statistics –the person who wants to write a book but never does.

As a health provider, you owe it to yourself and to the world to share your wisdom.

Set your resolution to write your book, and a firm deadline for finishing it

So: Get your Why, set your deadline in 6 months from now (yes, I can help you write your book within 6 months!) and now all you need is the resources.

Luckily, it’s all coming together in February. My gift to the wellness community is a free 5 day bootcamp, February 13-17, 2017.

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There is no cost, and you will learn everything you need to know to write and publish a high-quality health and wellness book, from idea to published book.

I will also be offering the opportunity for a select group of health providers to work with me more intensively and get personal guidance.

So get on the list by requesting my free road map, here or below: 7 Steps to Write Your Health and Wellness Book, and you’ll be notified when the bootcamp registration opens.

Here’s to your book in 2017!


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