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Self-Publishing Your Wellness Book: The Scary Entrepreneurial Ride

Self-Publishing Your Wellness Book: The Scary Entrepreneurial Ride

It’s one thing to write your wellness book. That’s a whole set of skills to learn in itself. But the next step may be even scarier.

What do you do with your book once it’s ready to be published? Do you try to find a publisher? Should you trust one of the companies on the Internet who publish books for people?

Or should you figure out the publishing game for yourself, and self-publish?

If you’re not sure of the difference between publishing and printing, this blog post explains it clearly: Publishing, Printing and Proofreading your Wellness Book: Clearing Confusion about these 3 crucial “P”s

Self-publishing is a wise decision for most authors today:

  1. Control: You are in control of your book, from the content to the cover design. With a publisher (I’ve published with 3 of the biggest), you don’t always have full control over what they publish, or even over the cover image.

2. Speed: You can publish quickly. You can upload your book to Amazon and be online within 24 hours, unlike the average of 2 years to publish a book with a traditional publishing house.

3. Profits: You keep 100% of the profits. Of course, you first have to invest in professional editing, cover and interior design. You should also invest in education to learn how to write a professional book that makes you the authority.

But once you learn these skills, you can write and publish as many books as you want to. Your book will boost your practice or business, and all the profits from your book are yours, unlike the paltry 7% royalty most authors get from a publisher.

However, when you decide to self-publish, you are essential becoming an entrepreneur. What does that mean?

An online business dictionary defines an entrepreneur as:

“Someone who exercises initiative by organizing a venture to take benefit of an opportunity and, as the decision maker, decides what, how, and how much of a good or service will be produced.”

I would say that pretty much describes the whole venture of writing and publishing your own book.

You will experience all the joys and fears, along with the effort and rewards of undertaking any kind of business. Because when you self-publish, you are launching your book and your publishing business.

More rewards, fewer risks

So how can you make your self-publishing journey more rewarding, and less prone to the risks that come with any new venture?

  1. Learn everything you can before you self publish. You need to research what a publisher does, from editing to book design, and then follow the steps so you produce a book that will stand proudly next to other professional books in your field.
  1. Assemble the right team. You need editing, proofreading and book design. You can’t do it yourself. Publishers have whole teams of specialists for each of these stages. You need to find independent professionals to help you if you want to compete on the world stage.

3. Beware of quick fixes. If you Google “self-publishing” you will find companies listed as “self-publishing companies” or POD (print on demand) publishers. They promise to do everything for you, including making your book available in bookstores nationwide, and marketing your book.

The truth is that they make their money by selling you publishing services, not from book sales. The books are not professionally edited or designed, but they don’t really care if you sell any. Read more here: The awful truth about  self-publishing your health & wellness book

The scary ride of the entrepreneurial journey

“Freedom lies in being bold.” -Robert Frost

As an entrepreneur, you are stepping out into new territory and that can be frightening.

Anything unfamiliar brings challenges that can make you feel insecure. But fear and doubt are a normal part of your entrepreneurial journey. Every author faces worries of not being able to finish their book or that no one will read it.

Don’t let apprehension sabotage your book. Hold on to your dream –it is possible to achieve it. Other people have learned to publish their books, and you can too.

My gift to you – the self-publishing entrepreneur


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Here’s to your health and wellness book in 2017!


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