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If you’re motivated to write your book, but feel like you need more help, here are some options.

  1. Wellness Authors Mastermind

Do you want daily personal feedback and guidance, along with the support of a group? Join my Wellness Authors Mastermind and meet motivated wellness providers just like you, who are passionate about getting their messages out to the world through their books.

To discuss your book and see if the mastermind group is right for you, contact me at

  1. Personal guidance and coaching

I offer various guidance packages to help you write and finish your book. If you already have a manuscript and need help getting it finished and polished, your package would be different from the guidance someone needs if they haven’t started their book. Please contact me to find out the best package for you.

Personal coaching will cut your learning curve and keep you accountable, to make sure your book gets finished in the time frame you set.

I can also help you with positioning and marketing your book, your website and your business.

  1. Take my course

Taking a course online is ideal if you want to go at your own pace, with audio and video explanations every step of the way. I offer various courses at different time of the year. Some are intensive sprints, where a whole group of wellness providers work on the same timetable to write and publish their books within a relatively short time frame.

Other courses are for shorter books, or self-paced. Please contact me to find out which courses are being offered, and which one is best for you. The best way to find out when courses are available is to download my free roadmap to your book, and you’ll be on my mailing list.

You’ll have guidance and support, saving you the frustration of wondering what to do next when a question comes up. A good course will also provide templates and resources for professional design, editing, and publishing, which can cut your time (and financial risk) substantially.

Caution: Before you sign up for any other course, make sure it’s geared towards the type of book you want to write. Many writing courses are focused on writing fiction. The non-fiction courses often specialize in business books. My programs are the only ones I know of that are especially for health and wellness providers.

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