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How to create passive, recurring income with wellness coaching

Are you a wellness coach, consultant, trainer, or healthy change agent? You probably have patients or clients who don’t do the work, and don’t get results.

But what if you could not only help the vast majority of your clients achieve their goals, but you could do it in a fun and easy way, where they’ll stay with you and refer their friends?

And what if you could get off the income roller coaster when clients come and go, and instead create the (potentially) biggest money-maker in your business that generates recurring, passive income that grows month after month?

You can with “Get-It-Done” and “Habit-Building” accountability groups – done right!*

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*Most people who offer accountability groups do them wrong, and they don’t work well, if at all. (And I’m not talking about Facebook groups – this blows even active Facebook groups out of the water.)

Your clients don’t need more content and information. They actually need much more help on implementation than you can personally give them with traditional methods. So you need a new and better way. This is it.

When done right, accountability groups:

  • Don’t require a continual source of new content. The value is getting results!
  • Can also provide the support structure for your content, courses, and programs, so clients actually use them.
  • Can scale to serve hundreds and thousands of clients.
  • Can be affordably-priced and easy to sell through online methods.
  • Can be designed to be a mostly passive and recurring income stream with the right systems, tools, and structure.

It’s not hard, but you have to know what you are doing.  Thankfully, there’s a great, free webinar which lays it all out:

Make Recurring, Passive Income with Online Get-It-Done™ and Habit-Building™ Accountability Groups!

Led by Gina Hiatt, Ph.D., President of Finish Agent® and Founder and Host of the Annual Group Coaching Megasummit

The same live webinar is offered on 3 dates only:

Tuesday, September 13*

Tuesday, September 20*

MONDAY, September 26*

*If you can’t attend live, replays will be available, so still register:


Don’t close this email without registering. Register now (takes 30 seconds!) and make sure to attend. You’ll thank me later, I promise.

To your healthy business,

Lynda Goldman

PS: If you are a wellness or health coach, this is a training you should not miss. It will be a game-changer for your business, your income, and your life.