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Kristi’s story: a book to help aging adults

Interview with Kristi Tornabene and Lynda Goldman

  1. Where were you with your book before you met Lynda?

Before I met Lynda Goldman, I had been searching for a way to get very important information to people who needed this. Thank goodness she reached out to me on Linkedin.

I had been so frustrated trying to talk to people I had previously met, and people I met on Facebook. I thought I was finished, and Lynda showed me that I did not have a simple book that solved a problem. I needed to find a way to make it simple and easy to read.

2. What was the hardest thing about writing your book?

The hardest thing about writing this book was to get all the information I had researched and listened to from other doctors’ sources, and then to assess and accept it as truth or dismiss it as a sales gimmick.

I live with a biochemist, who taught bio-chemical pathways. He says you can’t take a supplement, and expect to plug it into the pathway and expect it to work. I was working through the process, dealing with pain and constipation.

I consulted my medical technology friend, Sallie, and we still run things by each other. She had found something that in addition to the book, helps her reduce her anxiety. Her story is in this book. Looking for people to allow me to share their story was a challenge, and luckily she sent hers to me, and so did another person I met on Facebook. The person on Facebook  also e-mailed back and forth, mostly about her story because she is 86. I also started researching Facebook pages posts. There are pages for all of the different blood types, and when people liked what I said on a post, and they tried it with success, I added these things to the book.

3. What surprised you the most about writing your book?

What happened when I was so frustrated writing this book, is that I saw someone I had met years back on a Facebook Live. I didn’t know she was an editor. She turned out to be my angel. She took two years of pulling her hair out to edit this book. We had several Zoom calls to clarify questions. Even at the very end, something she wanted to put in to clarify things, was removed because it didn’t fit. What surprised me, is the editing she did to create a comprehensive, complete, and very informative book. Together, we created a book that I feel helps people. They don’t need prescription medicine if they adhere to the facts of the book. They can lose their anxiety and depression, and know that they are truly taking care of themselves.

4. How did working with Lynda help you write your book?

Working with Lynda, helped me realize that lots of people write books, and start their business helping people learn, and come to believe and accept the information within their pages. There is always something people can learn, and books are the best way to do this. Thank you Lynda, for setting me on my course. Thanks for making me accountable to the process, and coming out with a wonderful informative book that I hope everyone will find helpful.

5.How did working with Lynda Goldman and publishing with Wellness Ink help make your dream come true?

Working with Lynda was enlightening and a pleasure. I learned about self publishing and all sorts of marketing ideas for this book to become a best seller. I was so happy to be in a mastermind group where we could process ideas, and further our goals as a group. Nothing like being in competition in a group, to get your product to fruition. When you grab the ring and set things in motion, it seems God puts the people in your life to make it come true! Thank you Lynda for being there for me.

Kristi wrote this book to help people see what different aging adults are doing to take care of their health. She has also included information about MTHFR and what it means, and information about what to do for each blood type.

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