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How to Manifest Your Health & Wellness Book in 2017 (the Magic Wand Approach)

Feel the pride and accomplishment of holding your published book in your hands - and make it happen in the next year!

How to Manifest Your Health & Wellness Book in 2017 (the Magic Wand Approach)

Picture yourself one year from now. It’s December, and this year you experienced the thrill of holding your newly published book.

You did it! Last December your book was just a twinkle in your eye, or rather an urge in your heart to share what you learned as a health provider.

Now you feel the swell of pride and accomplishment because you achieved your goal from last year.

As the author of 40 books, I can tell you that you never stop feeling that thrill of gazing at your new book. As a mother and new grandmother, I know that the peak moments of my life were when my children and grandchildren were born.

After that, publishing a book comes pretty high on the list of life’s most gratifying, and satisfying experiences – no matter how many books you write.

(Good news flash: unlike having children, you don’t have to pay for your books’ college education – in fact, earnings from your book can pay for your children’s or grandchildren’s educations, if you use your book to build your practice.)

The year is drawing to a close, and you are at a crossroads. What will you choose for 2017? Will it be the same as 2016 and before?

Will you have another year of regret that your book is still inside you, and you haven’t spread you message to the world? That would be so sad.

Instead, picture your published book in 12 months from now and ask yourself:

  1. Who have I helped this year?
  2. Which new clients or patients have I met with?
  3. Who have I impacted around the world (who I could never have reached without my book)?
  4. What new opportunities have come to me from my book?
  5. Who has interviewed me on TV, radio, podcasts, or in articles?
  6. Which conferences or events have I been asked to speak at?
  7. Which talks at educational institutes have I been invited to give (and what new places have I visited as a result?)
  8. What companies or associations have asked me to consult or advise them?

I could go on, but you get the idea.

Once your book is published, opportunities open up like new flowers budding in the spring– possibilities you never considered before that attract attention to your business.

Your book is like a sales person for you. It’s never pushy or aggressive. Yet quietly and persistently, it communicates your knowledge and spreads your message to the world so people who need your help gravitate to you.

>>>By the way, if you hate to sell, as many health providers do, your book will be your best sales tool.

How to manifest your wellness book in 2017

So how exactly do you manifest your book in the new year?

It all starts with an intention. Setting an intention may not sound magical, but in a way it is.

You see, everything starts with an intention. If you decide to call your friend, take a yoga class, or book a holiday in Italy, everything starts with a thought, or an intention.

An intention is a declaration of what you desire.

Deepak Chopra, M.D, says…

“Intention is the starting point of every dream. It is the creative power that fulfills all of our needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love.”

So your intentions go out into the universe. It’s as if you’re setting up a target for something you want, and beaming energy towards that target.

Setting an intention is step one, because you have to decide that you want to write a book, and that you intend to write it in 2017.

Then, opportunities start to show up to help you manifest your intention.

It’s kind of like deciding you want to take a yoga class. Suddenly, you notice a flyer in your mailbox about a yoga studio offering classes right around the corner. And your friend says she wants to take a yoga class, and invites you to join her.

Did those opportunities appear by magic?

Well, the flyers were probably in your mailbox all along, but you never noticed because they weren’t in your area of focus. And your friend may have mentioned a yoga class, but you didn’t respond before. Now you do.

Your golden opportunity for 2017

If you’ve read this far and you’ve been yearning to write a book, I’ll bet it hasn’t happened yet because you never set an intention to get it done.

Right now, right here, you can set your intention to write your book in 2017. It’s as easy as declaring it to yourself, writing it in your journal or on a piece of paper, or creating a vision board for it.

So let’s return to that image of holding your published book in your hands, and the pride and accomplishment you will feel as people finally recognize your expertise!

One year down the road, your practice has evolved and you’ve been transformed by becoming an author. You’ve also touched the lives of people in your practice, and around the world.

Nothing happens without action

But nothing happens without taking action. Once you declare an intention, opportunities will arise, but you have a choice.

You can ignore the openings to step forward into the future, such as by pitching the yoga class flier in your recycling bin.

Or you can act. And that’s why I’m offering you this path right now.

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