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How John A. Williams Wrote his Best-selling Management Book

John A. William’s book is for managers who want to increase their net-worth, self-worth and joy-worth, using the 4 pillars to skyrocket team productivity.

Here is an interview about his book-writing and publishing process.

  1. Where were you in your book writing journey before you met me?

I have a vast experience in project management with my own twist to leadership. I have shared this knowledge with hundreds of business and project managers through masterclasses, and I also wanted to publish that material in a book to reach a wider audience, a quality book. But how to do that? Then I met Lynda with her book Write to Heal. That was the kind of guidance I was looking for, so I joined her Mastermind program.

  1. What was the hardest thing about writing your book?

I had all the core material for my upcoming book, but my challenge was how to structure that material in a professionally written book.

  1. What surprised you most about writing your book?

What surprised me was Lynda’s approach to start with the back-cover content of the book. It turned out to be a delightful surprise that got me on a fast track to structure my book professionally.

  1. How did working with me help you write your book?

Working with Lynda is a matter of following her approach step by step in the given order. It didn’t only help me to structure my book but also triggered me to come up with some valuable additions to my book.

  1. What impact did writing your book have on you and your business?

I was so confident that I would finally get my book written the way I wanted with Lynda’s guidance, that I announced my upcoming book on social media. Quite immediately I was approached on LinkedIn by an international publishing house for business e-books with a qualified audience of millions all over the world. I ended up publishing a condensed version of my book in an English and a Dutch e-book version. Due to this connection, I now not only have published some of my knowledge, but I’m also confident that there is a qualified audience for my book topic. And I’m getting exposure even before my main book is published!

  1. How did working with Lynda Goldman and publishing with Wellness Ink help make your dream come true?

My dream was to write my signature topic book like a professional. With Lynda’s guidance I achieved that to my satisfaction. And publishing with Wellness Ink made me an international published author. To top it all off, my book reached the international #1 bestseller status on Amazon in 10 categories within three days after launch! That’s what I call a dream come true. My book is now the authority key to open more doors for my consulting business.