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2 Day Gift of Wellness

The gift that keeps on giving.

2 Day Gift of Wellness Do you have new ideas about health, and want to spread your message? You’ll be inspired to write your book, as Dr. Michael Christensen was. His research began when his mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and led to...
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How to Sell Your Wellness Book at a Glance

Why a expert cover designer is crucial to a professional wellness book

How to sell your wellness book at a glance How will you choose the next book you buy? Chances are you’ll be attracted by the title and subtitle, and the cover. As the author of a wellness book, you have to make sure your...
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Publishing, Printing and Proofreading your Wellness Book

Clearing the Confusion about these 3 Crucial "P"s

Publishing, Printing and Proofreading your Wellness Book: Clearing Confusion about these 3 crucial “P”s  Should I self-publish? Isn’t a printer the same as a publisher? Where do I find someone to proofread my book? These are questions I get often, and there is some...
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