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Dear Wellness Provider,

I’m delighted that you joined the Wellness Book Bootcamp! What can you expect from these 5 action-packed days? Here are some answers to common questions.

  1. Who is this bootcamp for?

If you are a wellness provider who wants to write a health and wellness book, you’ve come to the right place. If you have an important message to share with the world, you should write your book, and this bootcamp will help you.

  1. What if I want to write a book but I’m not sure of the topic?

You’re in the perfect place. Too many people start writing a book without thinking about their target audience and about the message they want to deliver. This bootcamp will help you hone in and focus your topic, so you write for your ideal audience.

  1. What if I’ve never written much, and I don’t like to write?

Writing your book is only one aspect of being an author. If you don’t like to write, or don’t consider yourself a good writer, or if English isn’t your first language, you’ll discover how to get your book done without writing it yourself.

  1. What if I don’t have much time to write my book?

I’ll have to be honest and say you have to invest SOME time into getting your book done. It will be a crucial part of your business and make you the authority on your subject, so you need to think about it carefully.

If you envision the YEARS that many people spend in getting a book finished, in this bootcamp you will discover that it can take you far less time than you think.

In the bootcamp you’ll find out how to get a smaller book of 60-80 pages done in as few as 3 months, and a medium-sized book of up to 150 pages in about 6 months.

That’s much faster than the time most people invest in writing their book.

  1. What if I’ve already started writing a book but can’t get it finished?

You’re in a great place, because you’ve already put a lot of thought and energy into the book. You may just need that extra guidance, support and encouragement to finish your manuscript.

Or, you may find that the book you started isn’t really the one you should write first, and decide to write a book with a different focus. Then you might come back to your first book and polish it off.

  1. When and where does the bootcamp take place? 

The bootcamp is completely online. Once you register, you will receive links to join the webinar each day – so please watch your email. 

The webinars will take place over five days, from Monday – Friday, February 13-17. The times are: 3 pm Eastern, 12 pm Pacific.

Each day I will deliver one lesson of approximately 50 minutes, and will be available for as long as you have questions.

  1. What if I can’t attend one or more days?

You’ll receive a link with the replays about an hour after the webinar, and you will have access to each replay for 24 hours, until the next webinar starts.

  1. Will I have a chance to ask questions?

Yes, definitely you’ll have a chance to ask questions on the live webinar, which is why it’s so important to clear your schedule for those times, so you can attend.

  1. What will I learn on the bootcamp?

The framework operates in 5 steps, so there will be 5 different webinars, allowing us to dig deeper into the details of each step.

Here’s the schedule for this living training:

Monday, February 13 at 3 pm Eastern/12 pm Pacific: The Focus

Hone in and focus your book by defining your goals, your audience, and your important message.

Tuesday, February 14 at 3 pm Eastern/12 pm Pacific: The Design

Have fun picking a working title and subtitle. Then do some sleuthing for cover designs that embody your book’s message. 

Wednesday, February 15 at 3 pm Eastern/12 pm Pacific: The Structure

Discover simple structures to organize your book, so the writing just falls into place. 

Thursday, February 16 at 3 pm Eastern/12 pm Pacific: The Writing

Access easy techniques to “write to the finish,” or to record your book to get it done even more quickly.This is the final and most important stage of creating a professional book you will feel proud of.

Friday, February 18 at 3 pm Eastern/12 pm Pacific: The Opportunity

Discover the golden opportunities that come from writing your book, including building a speaking, training or coaching business where you can help more people.

  1. Will there be any offer to get more help and guidance afterwards?

Yes, I truly want you to succeed, and that’s why I’ll be offering an opportunity to work with me more closely, in a Wellness Book Intensive. You’ll get in-depth, live training every 2 weeks, along with daily coaching and guidance in a community of like-minded professionals.  I’ll be helping you “write to the finish.”

But there is no requirement or expectation that you go any further. You will learn a tremendous amount about writing your book from the free bootcamp, so please take advantage of this opportunity. This is the only time I will offer it this year.

  1. Can I tell my colleagues about this free bootcamp?

Of course, I’d be delighted if you’d spread the word. Please share it with your friends and colleagues, so you can become writing buddies.

You can let them know by sending them to this page:

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