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Kristi’s story: a book to help aging adults

Interview with Kristi Tornabene and Lynda Goldman Where were you with your book before you met Lynda? Before I met Lynda Goldman, I had been searching for a way to get very important information to people who needed this. Thank goodness she reached out...
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A Family Caregiver’s Guide: How Rosa Chillis Wrote Her Book

How a caregiver wrote her book

Are you a family caregiver suffering from confusing and frightening emotions, such as anxiety, guilt, anger, grief, and other hurts? What can you do? Rosa Chillis, author of A Family Caregiver’s Guide: 7 Secrets to Convert Negative Triggers to Positive Emotions wrote a guide...
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The Crazy Answer to “It’s not the right time to write my book”

When is the right time to write your book? Discover the secrets here.

The Crazy Answer to “It’s not the right time to write my book” How many times have you made this excuse: “It’s not the right time…. to begin an exercise program…start a new business venture…” or anything else? “It’s not the right time to...
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27 Thrilling Reasons to Write Your Wellness Book

Becoming an author will transform you. Where will your book take you?

27 Thrilling Reasons to Write a Wellness Book Why should you write your book? If you’ve always envisioned being an author, but need a little push to get your book finished, here is a little inspiration to finish and publish your book this year!...
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The Book that will Change Your Life

“The book that will most change your life is the one YOU write.” – Seth Godin. You told me you want to write your book. Perhaps we spoke on the phone, or connected on LinkedIn or Facebook. Maybe the timing or pricing wasn’t right...
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2 Day Gift of Wellness

The gift that keeps on giving.

2 Day Gift of Wellness Do you have new ideas about health, and want to spread your message? You’ll be inspired to write your book, as Dr. Michael Christensen was. His research began when his mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and led to...
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