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Beyond Zero: The Real Cost of Self-Publishing a Wellness Book

You can write and publish your book for free, but if you've never done it before, that may end up costing you more than you think.

Beyond Zero: The Real Cost of Self-Publishing a Wellness Book

“Write a book in 48 hours, design the cover yourself, and get it up on Amazon in 24 hours. Next step is a bestseller, and the money starts rolling in.”

In the past two years, I’ve seen these types of headlines, advertising programs to help you write and publish effortlessly, for zero money and hardly any time on your part.

Imagine that! You don’t have to be a writer, or even have expertise in any particular subject to write a book.

You just follow their program and boom, you’re an Amazon star who has launched your way to fame and fortune.

Wait a minute – can this be true?

Not quite. The sad truth is that with zero cost, and almost zero effort, you get….zero results.

Most books produced with little investment in time and money have paltry, if any, sales. You can tell by looking at their Amazon ranking. If it’s very high (several hundred thousand), these books aren’t selling.

What’s worse, these shoddy products damage the author’s reputation.

As a health professional, what does this mean for you?

Your reputation can be gravely harmed by putting out a low quality book because it reflects on your credibility. A poorly edited book with a home-made cover will not instill confidence in your potential clients. Nor will it entice the media to call you for interviews.

The true costs of self-publishing a high quality book

Here are your choices when it comes to writing and self-publishing your wellness book:

  1. Do it yourself at zero cost: In this scenario, you write the book yourself. You edit it yourself (please be sure to do this!). You design the interior yourself using a word processer. You design the cover yourself using online software. Then you put your book on Amazon, and hope for spectacular sales.

Cost: zero or very little.

Time involved: It varies, but if you skip the editing stage, you can get your book out more quickly. However, this will have a direct hit on your potential sales, because you will get scathing remarks on Amazon about the lack of editing.

Likely results: Few if any sales. You’ll have a damaged professional reputation which will reflect on the number of patients who come to you. You will not get meeting planners calling you to give lucrative talks, or any media exposure at all.

  1. Hire a professional ghostwriter:

This is the opposite end of the spectrum, where you hire someone to write your complete book for you.

Cost: $35,000 – $75,000 or more for a professional writer.

Time involved: You have to find a qualified ghostwriter who understands your area of health and wellness. You have to work closely with the ghostwriter to give him or her all the content, so your time is still involved.

Likely results: If you hire a true professional who specializes in health, you are likely to get a professional book that will build your reputation.

  1. A “done for you” service

This is a good choice for many busy health practitioners. Several companies offer services where you speak or dictate your book, and then have it edited and published for you.

Cost: It varies. One company starts at $20,000 for a completed book.

My own services, called Author-in-an- Hourare far more affordable, but still involve some investment for a high quality book.

Time involved: A few hours to decide on the content of your book, and to record it. You will also have the opportunity to review it and make any changes you like.

Likely results: A professional book that builds your reputation. This can lead to your being interviewed in the media, and give you the opportunity to build a speaking, training or consulting business, which can be very lucrative.

Beware: There are several services of this type, some at very low cost. These companies do not edit your book.

They interview you, and then take the raw transcript and make it look pretty by adding a table of contents and some chapter headings.

They call this a book – but it’s not. It’s a transcript.

A transcript is not a manuscript.

It does not read well (just try reading a screen play and you’ll see how difficult it is.)

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Be cautions of any company that charges a very low amount. A book takes a lot of work to put together, and a company with a low fee will either:

  1. Cut corners to give you an inferior product
  2. Only do a small amount of work for the low fee, and then charge you exorbitant fees for publishing, to make up the difference.
  1. Take a course and learn how to write and publish.

Just as you have invested time and money into becoming a professional in your area of health, you also need to invest time and money into learning to write and publish.

Taking a course is an excellent option to guide you towards a high-quality book.

Cost: Fees range from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

At the low end of the spectrum, you get a series of videos to watch, with some worksheets or information booklets, and you are left to struggle on your own.

The rate of completing these courses and publishing your book is not high.

At the higher end, you have dedicated hands-on guidance every step of the way, so you are never left wondering what to do next.

Time involved: A few hours a week, as you write your book. With the time comes immense satisfaction as you learn how to craft a book. You can use these skills again and again to write more books, at no additional cost.

Likely results: Similar to the “author in an hour”, you end up with a professional book that builds your reputation. This can lead to your being interviewed in the media, and give you the opportunity to build a lucrative speaking, training or consulting business.

Bottom line:

Your book is your asset. It’s a ticket to building your business. That’s why you need a professionally edited and designed book.

Options 3 & 4 are affordable for most health practitioners, and give you the best results.

They will help you:

  1. Establish your authority and reputation so you attract more of your ideal clients.
  2. Get media attention so more people know about what you offer.
  3. Build a speaking, training and consulting business.
  4. Create opportunities to reach and heal more people worldwide.

Caution: When you evaluate which course to take, or which “done for you” service to use, find out if they specialize in health and wellness books.

This is important, because someone will be interviewing or guiding you. If they mainly publish business books (which most do), they may not understand if you want to write about gut dysbiosis or Type 2 Diabetes.

As a natural health copywriter and author of 40 books, I specialize in helping wellness professionals write their book. I have deep knowledge about many aspects of natural health, as well as how to get your message across in writing.

If you are serious about writing a book in the coming year, please be sure to scroll down and download my free road map: 7 Steps to Write Your Health & Wellness Book.

Or contact me to set up a complimentary phone call to discuss the best options for your book. You’ll be glad you did!