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Don’t have time to write your book?

Here’s an easy option that takes very little time, and gives you the book you always wanted to write.

Writing a Book That Makes You an Authority in Your Niche -in Just 1 Hour!

A few months ago I picked up a small book in the natural health store where I shop. It was for a supplement that I had not used before. The book had compelling information about the benefits of this product.

I became so excited that I went back to the store and bought the supplement, and have been taking it since then.

That’s the power of a book. Books change lives…and can certainly change businesses.

Right now, you’re probably thinking:

“Writing a book is a great idea, except that….”

  1. I’m not a great writer.
  2. I don’t have time to write a book… I’m busy running my practice
  3. I don’t know how to get an agent or a publisher… it’s all so complicated

You’re correct. Writing and publishing a book the traditional way is time consuming, difficult and expensive.

I know, because I’ve done it 40 times!

In a moment, I will reveal an amazingly simple way to surmount these obstacles,  but first, let me share a few secrets of the publishing industry that not many people know.

If you choose the traditional route,

Problems #1: No ability, or no time

You’re not a great writer… or, you like to write, but you simply don’t have time to sit at the computer for the hundreds of hours it takes to write a book.

Solution: Hire a ghostwriter.

Did you know that 60-80% of business and health books are written by a collaborator or ghostwriter? That’s because most health professionals are simply too busy running their practice to sit and write a book.

This can be ideal if you have lots of time and money, however…

Professional ghostwriters charge $40,000 – $80,000 to write a book for you – and the top ones charge $100,000 or more!

That’s because it takes months of work to research and write a full-length book in a traditional format of 250 + pages. And it takes years of experience to know how to write a book that will sell.

Publishers don’t like to gamble, so a top-quality ghostwriter is actually an asset because the publisher knows the book will be written professionally, and delivered on time.

This could be the route for you…. if you have an extra $40,000 sitting around.

Problem #2: No audience of hungry readers

To get your book published with a major publishing house, you need a huge media platform.

You have to prove that you’re a TV or internet health guru, speaker or consultant who can sell millions of books through your dazzling public appearances.

You see, the publishing industry is like every other industry. They only publish books that they think will make money.

Problem #3: No time to wait a year or two

Now, if you do happen to be a dazzling speaker or entertainer with a huge platform, and you get an agent and publisher salivating for your book…

…you have to wait a 12-18 months for your book to come out.Clock face

The book publishing industry is notoriously slow.

If you started today on the traditional publishing route, you could have your published book in your hot little hands in about ….2 years from now.

By now, you’re probably thinking: Ok, so if I want to get a book out, what’s left?

My simple “Author in an Hour” publishing plan for you

Now that you see how long, difficult and expensive it is to take the traditional publishing route, here’s a process that is sure to surprise and delight you!

You don’t have to write the definitive masterpiece on the subject.  You just have to add something valuable to the conversation.

All you do is talk about a subject you already know and have a passion for, and share it with an audience that is hungry for the solution you provide. What could be simpler?

  1. We start with a 20 minute discovery call to see if this book creation process is right for you, and to decide on the topic of your book.
  2.  I write up 8-10 questions on your topic and send them for you to review. You prepare the answers. This should be very easy for you, because it’s on a topic that you know thoroughly and care about deeply.
  3. We schedule a one-hour phone session where I ask you the questions, and you answer them. The call is recorded, and then professionally transcribed.

*In one hour, most people speak 6,000 – 7,000 words. This creates a standard size pocket book of 5.5 x 8.5 inches, with 60-90 pages.

  1. I create your book. While you run your business or practice, I put the book together as follows:
  • Suggest some catchy book titles
  • Edit out the um’s…. ahhs….. and other false starts
  • Add in a table of contents
  • Divide the book into chapters for readability
  • Create an eye-catching cover
  • Design the pages to make the book inviting and easy to read
  • Add relevant pictures, diagrams or charts
  • Add contact information for your products, company or website
  1. You review everything and sign off.  Then the magic begins. In less than one month, you become the author of a book!

You get: A PDF E-book, ready for download as a lead generation tool, or to sell on your website, at Amazon…the possibilities are endless

Now that you see how you can slash your book writing and publishing time from 2 years… to just a few months…

 …you’re probably wondering:

“Do I have to pay ghostwriting fees of $40,000 – $80,000 dollars?”

What if I told you that you could get your book at over 90% off the fees of a ghostwriter?

Author in an Hour” isn’t right for everyone. If you’d like to explore this idea, please contact me right away. Because I work so intensively with my clients, I can only work with a few select clients at a time.

Once I’m booked, I’ll be happy to put you on the waiting list.

Start by downloading my free road map to a book.

Then decide if you’re interested in taking my Write a Health Book course, or you’d like the “Author in an Hour” service.

Both are great options – it’s a matter of time vs money. Once you’ve read the road map (below), send me an email and we’ll set up an appointment to discuss the best option for you!