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A Family Caregiver’s Guide: How Rosa Chillis Wrote Her Book

How a caregiver wrote her book

Are you a family caregiver suffering from confusing and frightening emotions, such as anxiety, guilt, anger, grief, and other hurts? What can you do?

Rosa Chillis, author of A Family Caregiver’s Guide: 7 Secrets to Convert Negative Triggers to Positive Emotions wrote a guide to help you improve emotions that lead to better health and enhanced well-being.

In this interview, Rosa talks about how she made her book happen!

  1. What is your book about?

My book is about the emotional health and well-being of family caregivers. In “7 Secrets,” family caregivers discover how to:

  • Identify their current state of emotion (and emotional triggers)
  • Create a deliberate positive emotional state
  • Free themselves from automatic negative thoughts (ANTs)
  • Prevent family miscommunication and manage conflict
  • Boost their physical, mental financial and emotional well-being
  • Choose to act the love
  • Plan their post-caregiving future
  1. What is the most important message you want your book to convey?

The most important message I want my book to convey is that whether they believe it or not, family caregivers can choose how to feel. No one has to be a slave to his or her emotions.

  1. Why did you decide to write a book on this topic?

I decided to write a book on the topic “7 Secrets to Convert Negative Triggers to Positive Emotions,” because of the comments I heard and read online in my support groups and elsewhere, where caregivers expressed heart-wrenching, pessimistic feelings about caring for their loved ones; the breadth of evidence shows emotions affect health.

Thus, I wanted to help family caregivers discover, through my book, simple, easy-to-use strategies and techniques to minimize their fatalistic feelings and to make their caregiving days more loving, joyful, and peaceful.

  1. How is your book different from other books on this topic?

There are hundreds if not thousands of books on caregiving, but through my research, I did not find any that discussed explicitly the consequences of adverse emotions experienced by the primary family caregiver on the patient, other family members, and themselves.

  1. What did you find most enjoyable about writing your book?

I found the journey of writing my book most enjoyable; the eye-opening discoveries I made through my research. My book gradually unfolded. I started with a nugget of an idea. My heart ached reading the many defeatist comments, and I knew I wanted to make a difference, mainly because I understood their world having cared for my husband full-time, 24/7 for three years.

But I never lost the tenderness and love I felt for him. True, there were rough days—some terrifying, but the compassion I felt and the kindness and the love I showed for my dear one never weakened.

So I went on a discovery, through research, to find ideas to help other family caregivers, not because I judged them in any way because I didn’t. Caregiving is hard work. But I thought that surely I could share my story and suggest possible ways to help overwhelmed, frustrated caregivers, cope better.

  1. What did you find most surprising about the process of writing a book?

The process of writing my book was somewhat of a nightmare. I changed my outline a few times. The first draft was terrible. I started over about three times. The first editor I hired did a poor job. The second editor was much better, but she was British.

So when I hired a proofreader (an American), he suggested several changes to my edited manuscript because the grammar rules in Britain vs. America are different.

But I plugged away until I have what I now believe is a beautiful book!

  1. What was your biggest challenge, and how did you overcome it.

My biggest challenge in writing my book was the research. I understand that writers should write what they know. Well, I had to write what I “wanted” to know that would be beneficial to family caregivers. I had many stressful days while caring for my husband, but I never wanted to lash out in hurtful ways.

I’m not a doctor or a therapist so writing a “health” book meant that I had to ensure that I based the strategies and tips I shared in my book on solid targeted research of essential libraries and healthcare sites such as PubMed, WebMD, MedPage Today, and Psychology Today in order the provide credibility. Researching was grueling, but I learned so much. And I loved it.

  1. How will your book help you build your business or practice?

My business is freelance health writing. My book will serve as a “business card.” It will showcase my writing ability and strengthen my brand in health and wellness. My book also presents tangible proof that I’m an expert in my niche (family caregivers) and shows prospective clients that I have the energy and focus for finishing all types of projects.

  1. How are you planning to market your book to reach the right audience?

Family caregivers are the audience for my book. There are more than 40 million unpaid family caregivers in the United States, according to the latest statistics—men, women, teenagers. While there are thousands of books out there on caregiving, I believe my book is unique in its approach to help family caregivers to calm the emotional turbulence of caregiving.

My idea is to create bulk book sales to healthcare providers, healthcare facilities, and health insurance companies. I believe corporations (through their employee-assistance programs) would also be a viable market as they have employees that take family leave to care for parents or a loved one. My book is a timely topic.

  1. What message would you like to give other wellness providers who are considering writing a book?

I would borrow the Nike slogan as the message I would give to other wellness providers considering writing a book: “Just do it!”

The world needs to hear your voice!

Get it here: A Family Caregiver’s Guide.

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