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7 Powerful Ways to Make Money from Your Wellness Book

Find out the 7 ways you can profit from your health book

Did you know that most people don’t make money from writing a book?

In the course I’m teaching, Write a Health Book, some people were surprised to hear this.

They thought that once you publish a book, it instantly becomes another stream of income.

Yes, it can be a great revenue stream, if you have an audience jumping at the chance to buy your book as soon as it’s published.

But most health and wellness practitioners don’t have a large fan base.

The good news is that, over time, you can make money─ lots of money ─ from your book.

You see, your book is a powerful cornerstone for your marketing.

You make money by using your book to build your practice, and generate new revenue opportunities from courses, coaching, consulting and speaking.

7 powerful ways to make money from a health and wellness book

  1. Raise your profile and create new income opportunities

Your book establishes your authority and raises your profile. This opens up new opportunities, such as being interviewed for podcasts, radio, TV, newspapers and magazines.

You can also get speaking engagements, which will attract more clients to your practice or programs.

Over time, your book helps create a steady flow of motivated clients or patients, so you never have an empty waiting room or calendar.

My books have led to radio and TV interviews, Podcast interviews, and being featured in newspapers and online newsletters. The media attention increased traffic to my website. This led to paid speaking engagements, and sales of my consulting and copywriting services. 

  1. Build your practice and your brand 

By educating your clients in your area of expertise, you become the authority that patients know about.

Your book showcases your years of experience and knowledge, and demonstrates the practices and systems you’ve developed and honed to help your clients.

As a published author who wrote the book on your subject, people are more likely to choose YOU as their practitioner because they view you as the authority.

Your book can also be a lead-generation tool. You give it away on your website in exchange for your visitors’ email addresses, so you can send them your newsletters, and attract them to your practice or program.

You can sell it in your waiting room, or even give it to patients to educate them. There are dozens of ways to use your book to build your practice.

  1. Generate revenue as a professional speaker.

Being an author gives you the edge over other speakers. Conference organizers and meeting planners love to hire authors as presenters, because they know that authors are authorities on a subject.Podium

You can develop a speaking business based on your book and charge thousands of dollars per speech, plus get back-of- the-room sales of your book.

In addition, organizers often buy copies of a book to give away as part of the registration fee, so you can sell your book by the box-full.

I’ve had companies buy thousands of copies of my book at a time, to give away at conferences and sales events. That’s a lot better than selling one book at a time!

  1. Create an online course based on your book. 

Teaching courses is one of the best ways to make money online today, because you are educating people and bringing them great value.

Think about it.

For a book, you can only charge what’s in the realm of other books. Online, this might be under $10, and in a bookstore it can be up to $30.

But if you have a mainstream publisher, you only get a small percentage of the selling price of the book. You have to sell tons of books to make money from the book itself.

But you can sell a course for hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, so you only need a small number of students to make substantial money.

Your book is the ideal lead-generator for a course, because it educates people on WHAT to do, but your course guides them on HOW to do it.

Plus, your book helps you build a warm audience for your course. People get to “know, like and trust you”. They feel confident and will spend more money on your course than if you tried to sell it to a “cold” audience. 

  1. Make money from coaching and online groups.

Health professionals and therapists who deal with ongoing issues such as weight loss, autoimmune disease, food allergies and special diets, and mental health issues such as depression or ADHD, can attest to the fact that these problems don’t get solved in one fell swoop.

Clients need ongoing support as they create new habits, or work through ongoing issues.

Online groups are an ideal way to help your clients over the long term, so they make real progress. And group support is very powerful.

Your book is the ideal way to educate people about what you do, and who you are, so they commit to your long-term guidance.

You benefit by generating steady income from ongoing groups, while you help more people.

Coaching and mentoring

6. Sell health products online

 You may have a line of supplements or skin care products that you’ve created. Or you can private-label your own brand and sell it.

Your book is the ideal vehicle to educate people about a health condition and how your type of supplement, food or skin care products can help.Crila

An added benefit is that because you are educating people, you can say things that the FDA doesn’t allow you to say on a website or in marketing materials, as long as you don’t link your book directly to a sales pitch.


  1. Corporate wellness consulting

Wellness consulting provides golden opportunities. Corporations and associations hire wellness consultants to help their employees relieve stress, become fit and eat better.

A wellness book is an excellent way to get a foot in the door for lucrative consulting contracts, and to be invited to speak at corporate events and conferences.

You can also build a consulting business to help other practitioners, clinics, hospitals, or associations.

So there you have it, 7 powerful ways to make money from your wellness book.

The exciting news is that you don’t have to choose just one way.

You can combine several to create the revenue and business of your dreams. For example, you can create a course and do group coaching.

You can see more patients in your clinic, and also sell health products. You can speak at conferences, and do consulting.

Your book is truly the cornerstone to creating the business you envision for yourself.

What will YOU do with your health and wellness book?

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