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7 Gifts from the Heart

This holiday season, give the gifts that last.

Today I have 7 gifts for you. You are welcome to pass these gifts along to people in your life.

These gifts don’t cost you anything. They don’t involve shopping in holiday crowds. But in just a few minutes they bring you riches, warmth and good will.

7 Gifts from the Heart

1. The gift of sharing: Take a few minutes to share a great idea you picked up, a lesson learned, or a hope or dream for the New Year. Tweet your message to all, or just tell a friend over a mug of latte or cider.

2. The gift of help: Most people need a little help with something that’s difficult for them, but may be easy for you. For example, I sometimes get stuck on technical issues, and post a question to one of my LinkedIn or Facebook groups. I often get wonderful suggestions for resources or techniques. I also offer suggestions when I have ideas that can help someone else, and am delighted when someone expresses appreciation. Can you offer advice to someone who is frustrated with a problem that may be easy for you to solve?

3. The gift of listening: Is someone telling you what they are bothered or worried about? Give them your full attention. This means actually listening, without judgement or offering advice (unless you are asked). Paying attention is rare these days. Few of us have time for it. But remember that most people just want to be understood and feel valued. Take just a few moments to give someone your full attention and really listen. That’s a precious gift.

4. The gift of time: We live in a time-pressed world. Instead of multitasking, give yourself the gift of time to be in the moment.  Fully immerse yourself in one task, whether it’s writing your book, speaking to a friend without checking your email, or enjoying a cup of espresso or green tea.

5. The gift of humor: Laughter draws people together. If you stop to think about it, how many times a day do you laugh? Probably not as often as you did as a child. In this holiday season, take a few moments to laugh with your clients, family and friends. A dose of humor stimulates your endorphins. But the bottom line is that laughing just feels good, and spreads cheer.

6. The gift of thanks: Take a moment to give sincere thanks to everyone who helped you this year. Send a card with a hand-written message, send an email or e-card, or pick up the phone and say “thank you.” It will be appreciated.

7. The gift of gratitude. Taking 5 minutes a day to be grateful can work wonders. No matter what you may be struggling with, there’s always something to be grateful for. Cultivate a sense of wonder at the riches that surround you. They can be the simplest things, such as having a warm scarf to wrap around your neck in winter, resting your head on a soft pillow at night, or having the love and support of a close friend or family member.

And now I’d like to thank you for giving me a few moments of your precious time. I wish you all the best for the holiday season and New Year.

Warmly, Lynda

P.S. I have some special surprises for you in the new year, so stay tuned!