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5 Ways to Leave a Legacy With Your Wellness Book

Your book may change the lives of a few, or even millions of readers.

leave your legacy with your book

5 Ways to Leave a Legacy with Your Wellness Book

Do you have an urge to write a wellness book that will leave your legacy, and heal more people?

In a recent poll I did with wellness providers, these were the top two reasons many of them gave for wanting to write and publish a wellness book. Other reasons included reaching a wider audience to build their practice, expanding their businesses to training and consulting based on their books, and making money from book sales.

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In a recent poll I did with wellness providers, these were the top two reasons many of them gave for wanting to write and publish a wellness book.  Tope 2: leave your legacy, and heal more people. Other reasons included reaching a wider audience to build their practice. #WritetoHeal #wellnessbook #writeabook #bookcoach #author  publish a book, authority in your niche, book coach, ghost writer, Amazon best-seller, self-publishing, author tips, healer, transform lives


These are all wonderful reasons to write a health and wellness book. But leaving a legacy may be the most compelling reason because it swells from your own decision to become a wellness practitioner in the first place.

Whatever your motivation, you know that books change lives, and that’s why you want to write yours. Your book just might change the life of one or more people, or even millions of readers.

Here’s what Dr. Melodie Billiot discovered from writing her forthcoming book, Healthy Hormones for Life: A Smart Women’s Guide For Energy, Focus and Vitality.

“While I was writing my book I was able to tell stories. I felt like the words I had said to individuals day after day now had a voice and a forum to reach thousands. I realized that our books actually change the world, and our place in it, one reader or several million at a time.”

5 ways to leave your legacy with your wellness book.

  1. Fulfill your Why. Where did your desire to write a book spring from? Did you always dream of finding a way to help people? Were you drawn to become a healer after you or a loved one suffered from a health crisis? Did a major turning point in your life catalyze your resolve to become a change agent in the world? Read more to discover What’s Your Why for Writing a Wellness Book.
  1. Transform lives. Every wellness book is inherently transformational. That’s why people buy health and wellness books in the first place. They are suffering from some kind of pain or misery, or aspiring to something better, such as more energy or a slimmer body. If they are looking for a book, they are actively seeking help.

Your book will take your readers from where they are now to where they want to be, by illuminating the path from being sick or hurting, to being healthy, happy and healed.

  1. A book lasts forever. No one throws away a book easily, especially if the book has helped them. In fact, if your book really aids someone, they may buy more copies as a gift for their friends and family members with the same problem.

If you want to build your speaking or consulting practice, sending your book to a meeting planner or client will establish you as an authority and open doors like nothing else can. Potential clients may throw out a note you send them, or delete an email, but they are likely to keep your book, and contact you to find out how you can help them.

“Printed books usually outlive bookstores and the publishers who brought them out. They sit around, demanding nothing, for decades. That’s one of their nicest qualities – their brute persistence.” –Nicholson Baker

  1. Springboard your opportunities. Your book may be the catalyst for many other opportunities to leave your legacy. You may be invited to be a key-note speaker or give a TED talk that will reach hundreds, thousands or even millions of people. You may create online courses to help people world-wide. Your book will become the foundation for everything you do in your business, and each piece of your business will touch more people, leaving your legacy.

Your book is the least costly, most accessible way for people to benefit from your knowledge and wisdom. It may travel to places you can’t even imagine, and touch people you’ll never meet in person, changing their lives for the better. Your book can impact people for generations to come.

  1. Tell your hero’s story. Imagine the power of touching your reader deeply with your story. You may be thinking, “There are already so many books on my topic.” But YOUR book hasn’t been written yet. If you feel that nudge to write a book, follow it.

It makes no difference how many books are published on your subject because no one can tell your story the way you can. No one on earth has lived your life, experienced your perspectives, and knows what it’s like to walk your path. One health provider wrote to me:

One of my goals in life is to matter. I want to use my time here on earth to affect others in a positive and meaningful way. By writing this book and hopefully many others, I will leave undeniable footprints when I’m gone.

Don’t dismiss that urge in your heart. It’s there to inspire you to take the journey of your life in writing and publishing your book.

If you don’t have my 7 Steps to Write Your Health and Wellness Book, be sure to get your road map, below!

What are your comments or questions about writing a book to leave your legacy? Please post them below and I will respond. I always love to hear from you!