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5 Sorry Excuses for Not Writing Your Wellness Book in 2017 (and the Antidotes)

Turn over a new page in your book and get it done this year!

5 Sorry Excuses for Not Writing Your Wellness Book in 2017 (and the Antidotes)

“I don’t have enough time.” “I’m not a great writer.” “I’m stalled and I can’t finish my book.”

Is that you?

Have you been thinking of writing a book for some time now…perhaps years? Do you have part of a manuscript on your computer, but can’t get it finished? You probably have one of these 5 excuses.

Not writing your book impoverishes you financially. But much more importantly, it deprives the world of your gifts and stories.

As a health provider, your experience and knowledge can save lives and heal many people who you will never meet in person.

And that’s why 2017 should be the year you banish these sorry excuses forever.

  1. I don’t have time to write a book.

Let’s face it. There is never the perfect time to do anything big and important. There is never the perfect time to start a business, have a family, change careers, buy a house, or anything else that’s an investment in time and energy. If everyone waited for the perfect time to have a baby, there would probably be far fewer people on the earth.

Writing a book does take a time commitment, but it can be a lot less than you think when you have these two things: a proven method, and guidance.

You see, much of the time is taken up with figuring out HOW to write your book and how to publish it. What if you had a simple method to write your book, and could use every moment of your time (even 10 minutes a day) to be productive?

I know this is possible because I wrote 27 books in 10 years. At that time I was teaching full time, and had two children under 10 years old.

The reality is that almost everyone can carve out a few minutes a day to work on your book – if it’s a priority.

You may also be thinking that you’ll have to sequester yourself for months at a time to hammer out your manuscript.

Not true. There are several ways to write your book much more quickly – once you know how.

Antidote to not having enough time: Make your book a priority for 2017, and use a tested method to get your book written in 3 to 6 months.

  1. I’m not a writer.

The next big hurdle to writing a book is thinking you have to have an English major in college, or know all the grammar rules.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. As a health care provider, your goal should be to bring your message and your gifts to the world.

You are the subject matter expert, but you don’t have to be a great writer. If you can speak, you can write. This means you can dictate your book, and have a professional editor craft the language.

In fact, most of the best-selling health and wellness books are not written by the health experts themselves. They have a ghostwriter or co-author who actually writes the book, while the experts are busy seeing patients, giving talks, or consulting.

Antidote to not being a great writer: Do what you do best, and get the expert help you need to craft your book.

  1. I don’t have enough to say in a book.

Chances are, if you’ve been working in your area of expertise for even a few years, you have more than enough to say. In fact, you probably have enough to write several books.

Here’s a good way to tell if you have enough information for a book. If someone asks you questions about your topic, could you talk knowledgeably for an hour to 90 minutes? If so, you have more than enough information to write a book of 60-80 pages.

Antidote to not having enough to say: grab a napkin or a piece of paper and jot down 5 -10 things you could tell an interested person about your topic. If you could talk easily about each item for at least 10 minutes, you have more than enough for a small or even larger book.

  1. I’m stalled. I can’t get the book finished.

You probably haven’t thought about who your book is for, and what message you want to give them.

You also most likely don’t have a format for your book, or a clear outline. You just sat down and started typing whatever came into your head. Then you got stuck on what to say next, and told yourself, “I’ll come back to this later.” Does this sound like you?

Antidote to being stalled: Learn a proven format for writing your book, so you never get stuck wondering what to do next. Waiting for inspiration to strike may work if you’re writing a novel, but writing non-fiction is much easier because there is a step-by-step process to follow.

Just like any process you’ve learned in your profession, once you get the guidance and proven system to write a book, you will never get stalled again. Your work time will be productive and enjoyable, as you make progress, chapter by chapter, towards completing your book.

  1. I don’t know if I should get a publisher or self-publish.

Lack of knowledge can keep you spinning your wheels. Time goes by and you have nothing to show for it.

Let’s face it. The publishing options today are confusing and ever-changing. In the past there was only one route: get a publisher. But today it’s both trendy and practical to be an indi-publisher.

But again, you have to know what you’re doing, or you can waste precious time and money.

Antidote to publishing confusion: This is one place where you really need to do research. My recommendation is to get expert guidance from someone who has already done the research, made the mistakes (so you can avoid them), and can remove the pressure so you can do what you do best – help more people.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about my free Bootcamp in February, 2017. You’ll find out how to choose the right topic, focus your book, write it and publish it – all within 3-6 months.

Considering that many people spend years writing their books, and waste thousands of dollar making publishing mistakes, this free bootcamp will clear the confusion and offer you a path forward to write your book in 2017.

And yes, I will provide an opportunity to be part of a select group of people who will get daily guidance. But there’s no obligation to spend even one penny – this will be completely free.

It’s my gift to the health and wellness community to help you write a book that benefits people worldwide.

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