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4 Self-Doubts that Sabotage Writing Your Health & Wellness Book

If qualms and misgivings stop you from writing your health and wellness book, this article will help you banish your fears forever.

Are you plagued by self-doubt about your health and wellness book?

Who am I to write a book? What if my writing isn’t good enough? Will anyone every buy my book?

Do these misgivings, qualms and self-doubts run around in your head like a hamster spinning on a wheel?

Here’s a surprise for you. You are not alone.

If you think most published authors start off brimming with confidence, and just sit down to allow the words to pour out of them…that’s probably not the reality, especially for non-fiction.

Most people who want to write a health and wellness book will experience one or more of these self-doubts at the beginning. It’s normal and natural.

I’ve written 40 books by now, and I no longer feel this uncertainly because I’ve done it so many times. Over the years I’ve honed a system that makes it simple and straight-forward.

But students in my course experience these qualms when they join me, before they start using the simple steps and the fun and excitement of writing a book kicks in.

If you’re interested in learning more about this course, and how it can help you write your health and wellness book, you can get a free road map here: 7 Steps to Write Your Health & Wellness Book.

4 Self-Doubts that sabotage your book

Let’s shed some light on these common misgivings, and discuss how to banish your hesitations forever.

  1. Who am I to be an author?

This is the biggest self-doubt, so you need to dispel it first. If you are a health and wellness provider, you are the perfect person to become an author. Why? Because you help people transition from their state of pain or unhappiness to a state of better wellbeing, and what’s more valuable than that?

You’ve studied in your discipline for years, and developed expertise from working with your clients. You have a wealth of knowledge that you should share with the world.

Yes, YOU, above the average Joe who fancies a book with his name on it, should be an author. You need to share your gift of knowledge and leave your footprint in the world.

  1. What if my writing isn’t good enough?

Lots of authors are not great writers. Today, you don’t have to be a great writer at all to write a wellness book. You have so many options:

  • You can work with a co-author who is a good writer.
  • You can get a ghostwriter to write your book (which is what many big-name health and wellness authors do.)
  • You can dictate your book and have a good editor shape the book and make sure the language is rich and colorful.
  • You can take a book-writing course or get a book shepherd to help you.
  1. What if I can’t finish my book?

This is a common problem. You may have started your book and feel stuck. It’s completely normal, because a book has many parts to it, and if you’ve never written one before, the task seems daunting.

But it’s like learning anything else in life. Think about the vast amounts of information you learned to get your professional degree or licence. You didn’t become a professional in one day, or attempt to figure out how to do acupuncture or diagnose a thyroid condition by reading an e-book from Amazon.

You had professional education and certification, which may have taken many years.

So why do you think writing a book doesn’t take education and guidance from someone who has done it before? With the right guidance, you can finish your book


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  1. What if no one buys my book?

This is a legitimate question. It’s one thing to write a book, and another to sell it. They call on completely different skills and knowledge.

If you’re thinking of writing a health and wellness book, you probably have some idea of how you want your book to position you as an authority, so you gain more clients and grow your practice.

Your book will open up new opportunities to be interviewed and featured in the media, and help you build a speaking, consulting or coaching business if that’s what you want.

Just like you need a plan to write your book, you need a plan to make money from your book. Check out my article 7 Powerful Ways to Make Money from Your Wellness Book.

Your book is the cornerstone of your empire, and that’s why you need to write it.

So if you feel passionate about sharing your wisdom with the world, and want to make an impact and leave your legacy, my road map to a book may be just what you need to banish your self-doubt for good!