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3 Myths of Writing and Publishing a Health and Wellness Book

Don't take the wrong path in writing and publishing your book

Recently a client called me with a frantic request: “This book has been sitting on my desk for 2 years, and I can’t get it finished.

Now I have a major conference coming up where I’ll be speaking. Can you help me get my book finished?”

On the heels of that conversation, a colleague called to ask, “My friend is an excellent organic chef and wants to write a book. Can you help her with publishing a book?”

Luckily, there are ways to get your book finished quickly and professionally, but first let’s debunk several myths about writing and publishing your book the traditional way.

Myth #1: I’ll just keep plugging away until I get my book finished.

Of course, people do get their books done by slowly writing bits and pieces. But most people never make it a reality.

You may have valuable ideas that will help people, but life gets in the way.

Unless you have a publishing deal or a specific deadline, most people let their book languish on their computer or in their minds.

Action plan: Target a deadline, such as a conference, and set a goal to write and publish your book by that date.

Personal note: I’ve written 40 books, and every one of them had a deadline hanging over my head. Without that, I wouldn’t have written a single book.

Myth #2: I need a mainstream publisher to publish my book.

Mainstream publishing is fiercely competitive these days. It’s tough to get published unless you are a celebrity or someone highly newsworthy.

Publishers are looking for authors with a platform, someone with a name that will pull in huge book sales. They ask, “Will a lot of people pay $15-$30 to read this?” If not, you won’t get a deal.

That doesn’t mean you can’t sell books. But if you have a narrower subject for a niche audience, or you’re not well known, you’ll have a tough time getting a traditional publisher.

Action plan: Find a better way to get your book published. You’ll still reap the benefits. Plus it takes up to 2 years to get a book published with a publisher. You can slash the time by publishing yourself.

Personal note: I’ve written for 3 major publishers, Prentice Hall, Oxford University Press, and Houghton Mifflin. For some people, this is the way to go.

For others, it can be a long and frustrating process. If you need help figuring out the best way to publish your book, shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to give you feedback.

Myth #3: Publishers take care of the marketing for you.

Sadly, this is a complete myth. Only celebrities get the big marketing boost.

If you do manage to land a publishing deal, you’re likely to get a small amount of support before the book comes out. Once it’s in the stores, you’re on your own.

You have to drive traffic to the stores through your own marketing and publicity. If your book doesn’t sell, they yank it off the shelves and toss it into the remainder bin.
…..I know, publishing can be brutal.

Action plan: Marketing your book is even more important than writing it. It’s like marketing your products or services. You have to be in control, and have a plan.

Personal note: I had spectacular success with a series of books published by Prentice Hall, in the educational market. I’ve also ghostwritten several mainstream books that have not done as well. The bottom line is that you have to do your own marketing, whether you work with a mainstream publisher or you self-publish.

The good news

Writing a book can bring you great profits, but you have to think about it in a different way.

Very few business authors make money from the actual book, but they use it as a springboard to sell consulting, speaking, products and services. You can sell more of your products or services because people feel like they know you. You establish trust and people seek you out.

A book makes you an authority in your field (the word “author” is part of “authority”). It raises your profile.

It’s a fantastic lead generation tool, because people value books, making it one of the best list-building tools and an ideal vehicle to help you reach your goals.

More good news!

Writing and publishing can be less complicated than you think.

My new Write a Health Book course launches in November 2016. In just a few months, you can be holding your book in your hands, and launch your own business or practice to higher levels.

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