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27 Thrilling Reasons to Write Your Wellness Book

Becoming an author will transform you. Where will your book take you?

27 Thrilling Reasons to Write a Wellness Book

Why should you write your book?

If you’ve always envisioned being an author, but need a little push to get your book finished, here is a little inspiration to finish and publish your book this year!

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Get ready to experience the:

  1. Pleasure of seeing a book with your name on it.
  2. Fulfillment of completing your life’s work.
  3. Inspiration you’ll give others to become healthier.
  4. Wisdom that you’ll share with the world.
  5. Power of reaching people worldwide.
  6. Satisfaction of helping more people.
  7. Relief of letting your book do your selling for you.
  8. Increased business as people get to “know, like and trust” you.
  9. Creativity of putting your words to paper.
  10. Joy of people coming to you for help because they found your book.
  11. Enhanced revenue from speaking and consulting.
  12. Media attention that brings you more opportunities.
  13. Knowledge that your book may save lives, reverse health problems, or increase happiness.
  14. Self-esteem of being considered an authority in your niche.
  15. Respect people feel for authors.
  16. Awe people express when you show them your published book.
  17. Pride your parents will feel!
  18. Example you’ll set for your children and grandchildren to follow their dreams.
  19. Exhilaration of holding your published book in your hands.
  20. Thrill of signing books at the back of a room after you deliver a speech.
  21. Buzz you’ll create during your launch, that will get your name in front of your target audience.
  22. Glow of seeing your book up on Amazon.
  23. Improved lead generation as people find you through your book.
  24. Added income from book sales.
  25. Snowball effect of your book leading to new adventures.
  26. Esteem you’ll feel by being a noted author in your field.
  27. Delight of being interviewed on podcasts, radio shows, and TV because you’re an author.
  28. Gratification of saying I Did It – I wrote my book!

Let me know which of these reasons is most important to you, by posting below. I always love to hear from you!

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