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20 Fun Things You can Do with a Print Book (That You Can’t Do with a Digital)

Print on Demand revolutionizes printing for self-publishers!

20 Fun things you can do with a print book (that you can’t do with a digital version)

Back in the day, printing your book was the only way to get it out to the public.

That meant one of two things:

  • You needed a publisher who would design, edit and print your book
  • You took the scary entrepreneurial route of self publishing.

Option #2 was fraught with challenges. You had to finance a print run of several thousand books, to the tune of multiple thousands of dollars, to get a reasonable price per book.

And you were never sure you’d sell all those piles of books. Every early self-published author can tell the tale of stacks of book in their garage, or boxes of books collecting dust under their beds. I certainly can.

In recent years, Print on Demand (POD) has revolutionized the business of self-publishing. With companies such as CreateSpace and Ingram Spark, to name just a few, books are only printed when the company receives an order.

This means you no longer have to take out a loan to print large quantities of books. You can print one copy or several, paying just a few dollars per book.

Now you can enjoy the pleasure of showing people your physical book, instead of telling them about your book that resides in cyberspace. 

20 Fun things you can do with a print book (that you can’t do with a digital version): 

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20 Fun things you can do with a print book (that you can’t do with a digital version) Back in the day, printing your book was the only way to get it out to the public. #WritetoHeal #author #healthcoach #healer #selfpublish


  1. Hug your book! Yes, I know it sounds silly, but it’s thrilling to take your book out of the box when it arrives from the printer. Hugging your Kindle or phone are not quite the same.
  2. Autograph your book with a special message to the buyer. You can’t do that with digital copies.
  3. Proudly hand out copies to family members, friends, and colleagues.
  4. Send copies to meeting planners or potential consulting clients by courier. They are more likely to open a package that arrives in the mail than to open email if they don’t know you.
  5. Sell copies at the back of the room after you give a speech.
  6. Sell copies in quantities to a meeting planner to hand out to all the attendees at an event or conference.
  7. Sell copies in your waiting room or office.
  8. Send copies to reviewers.
  9. Send copies to the media for interviews.
  10. Give away copies as prizes or gifts, after a media interview or event.
  11. Carry your book with you to sell or give when you meet someone, such as on an airplane.
  12. Have the opportunity to sell to libraries and book stores.
  13. Display copies in your place of business or at home.
  14. Give people the opportunity to curl up with your book and turn the pages.
  15. Wrap up your book and give it as a gift.
  16. Offer the choice of both a print and digital copy, which will increase your sales.
  17. Avoid the blue light of mobile devices that can disturb your sleep, when you want to read in bed.
  18. Display your book on your coffee table or bookshelf.
  19. Never worry about batteries running low when you’re in the middle of a “good part.”
  20. Stay in style: A 2016 Forbes article says that “Print books remain by far the most popular format among all age groups. Last year, 72% of Americans read a print book, dwarfing the share who read an e-book (35%) or listened to an audiobook (16%)”1

So there you have it – 20 smart reasons to print your book, and give readers the age-old pleasure of smelling the ink, cracking the spine, and turning the page to discover what’s lies inside.

What’s your favorite thing to do with a print book? Please comment below and start the conversation!


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