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#1 Fastest Way to Write a Wellness Book, Bar None

No time, no book experience, no writing ability? No problem. Here's the speedy route to your book.

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The Fastest Way to Write a Wellness Book, Bar None

“I don’t have time!” That’s the biggest lament I hear from wellness practitioners who contact me for help with writing their wellness book.

Time is the biggest factor, followed by:

  1. “I don’t know anything about writing a book.”
  2. “Writing is not my strength,” or “I write too scientifically/academically for the general public.”

Whatever your issue, there’s a solution. It’s the fastest, and easiest way to write a book: record it.

Instead of investing weeks, months or years of your time writing it out, you can record a short book of 60 to 90 pages in about an hour to 1.5 hours. You can record a longer book in about 5 hours, divided up into a few time slots over a weekend.

But wait: recording a book can be a disaster if you don’t approach it properly. You’ll end up with an amateurish book that can damage your professional reputation.

Here’s what you need to record a high quality book that will enhance your reputation and make you the authority in your field:

  1. A clear idea and message for your book.
  2. A defined target audience that represents your ideal reader.
  3. A structure and a tight outline for your book.
  4. Talking points so you remember what you want to say.
  5. Someone to interview you so you stay on track.
  6. Stories, anecdotes and case studies to make the book engaging.
  7. A professional editor to take the transcript and turn it into a polished manuscript.
  8. A way to publish your book as an e-book, PDF or print book – or all three.

If you’ve never done this before, it can be as daunting as sitting down at the computer and pounding out the words. The main thing you gain by recording your book is speed.


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I don’t have time!” That’s the biggest lament I hear from wellness practitioners who contact me for help with writing their wellness book. Here’s the fastest way to write a wellness book. #WritetoHeal #wellnessbook publish a book, authority in your niche, book coach, ghost writer, Amazon best-seller, self-publishing, author tips, healer, transform lives


Here are 3 ways to ensure a high-quality book, fast:

  1. Hire a ghostwriter to interview you at length, do research, and write your book. This is your most costly solution, as professional ghostwriters start at around $25,000. Of course you can find cheaper writers, but be careful of entrusting your book to a cheap ghost, who may be inexperienced or may cut corners.
  1. Use a “done for you” service, where they help you outline your book, interview you, edit the manuscript and create your book.

Caution: Beware of very low fee “done for you” services. Some of them churn out books with minimal editing and cheap cover designs, that do you no service as a wellness author. In fact, these books can damage your professional reputation.

Here’s what one of my clients wrote about his experience with a cut-rate “done for you” service: “This is what you get from minuscule effort. As it turns out, just what one might expect: A badly written, poorly thought out random ramble of my thoughts.”

3. Take a course or get guidance. As with anything new you try in life, having an experienced teacher or guide can make all the difference. Think about all the years you invested in learning your profession. Doesn’t it make sense to tap into the wisdom someone else gained in learning how to write and publish books? Your small investment will pay off handsomely when you avoid costly mistakes, both in time and money.

Most of all, having someone experienced to guide you will provide peace of mind, and ensure you avoid spinning your wheels in frustration. Your experience? Priceless. Your book? Invaluable to you and your business.

The outcome? You’ll get the book you’ve always wanted to write, to build your authority, heal more people, and leave your legacy.

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