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How to Sell Your Wellness Book at a Glance

Why a expert cover designer is crucial to a professional wellness book

How to sell your wellness book at a glance How will you choose the next book you buy? Chances are you’ll be attracted by the title and subtitle, and the cover. As the author of a wellness book, you have to make sure your...
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Publishing, Printing and Proofreading your Wellness Book

Clearing the Confusion about these 3 Crucial "P"s

Publishing, Printing and Proofreading your Wellness Book: Clearing Confusion about these 3 crucial “P”s  Should I self-publish? Isn’t a printer the same as a publisher? Where do I find someone to proofread my book? These are questions I get often, and there is some...
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Beyond Zero: The Real Cost of Self-Publishing a Wellness Book

You can write and publish your book for free, but if you've never done it before, that may end up costing you more than you think.

Beyond Zero: The Real Cost of Self-Publishing a Wellness Book “Write a book in 48 hours, design the cover yourself, and get it up on Amazon in 24 hours. Next step is a bestseller, and the money starts rolling in.” In the past two...
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The Awful Truth about Self-Publishing Your Health & Wellness Book

Your self-published book needs to be as professional as you are if you want to be perceived as the authority.

  As a health professional, can you imagine this scenario? You tell a patient that she needs surgery. She decides to do it herself, because she read on the internet that it’s easy. She orders some surgical supplies. Then she enlists a friend to...
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7 Powerful Ways to Make Money from Your Wellness Book

Find out the 7 ways you can profit from your health book

Did you know that most people don’t make money from writing a book? In the course I’m teaching, Write a Health Book, some people were surprised to hear this. They thought that once you publish a book, it instantly becomes another stream of income....
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