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The Book that will Change Your Life

“The book that will most change your life is the one YOU write.” – Seth Godin. You told me you want to write your book. Perhaps we spoke on the phone, or connected on LinkedIn or Facebook. Maybe the timing or pricing wasn’t right...
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2 Day Gift of Wellness

The gift that keeps on giving.

2 Day Gift of Wellness Do you have new ideas about health, and want to spread your message? You’ll be inspired to write your book, as Dr. Michael Christensen was. His research began when his mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and led to...
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Healthy Gut, Healthy Life: An Inspiring Interview with Nicole Spear

Zip up inflammation and the fire in your gut, with this inspiring book.

Healthy Gut, Healthy Life: An inspiring interview with Nicole Spear Once upon a time, the word “gut” wasn’t mentioned much in public, unless you were talking about a “gut feeling.” Who knew how vital your gut is to your overall health, until all the...
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#1 Fastest Way to Write a Wellness Book, Bar None

No time, no book experience, no writing ability? No problem. Here's the speedy route to your book.

The Fastest Way to Write a Wellness Book, Bar None “I don’t have time!” That’s the biggest lament I hear from wellness practitioners who contact me for help with writing their wellness book. Time is the biggest factor, followed by: “I don’t know anything...
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3-Legged Stool the Wellness Gurus Use to Build Empires

The 3-Legged Stool the Wellness Gurus Use to Build Empires Dr. Mark Hyman. J.J. Virgin, Hailey Pomroy. Dr. Sarah Gottfried. Dr. Michael Breus, David Wolfe. Dr. Daniel Amen. Jorge Cruise. You see them on morning talk shows, on the Dr. Oz show, and in...
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5 Ways to Leave a Legacy With Your Wellness Book

Your book may change the lives of a few, or even millions of readers.

5 Ways to Leave a Legacy with Your Wellness Book Do you have an urge to write a wellness book that will leave your legacy, and heal more people? In a recent poll I did with wellness providers, these were the top two reasons...
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How to Sell Your Wellness Book at a Glance

Why a expert cover designer is crucial to a professional wellness book

How to sell your wellness book at a glance How will you choose the next book you buy? Chances are you’ll be attracted by the title and subtitle, and the cover. As the author of a wellness book, you have to make sure your...
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